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#164 Engaging with compassion with Eric Meyer

Through his own tragic experience after the death of his young daughter Rebecca to cancer, Eric Meyer explains to us how the ideal outcome we design for isn’t the only outcome. We need to use our design skills to humanise the web. (more…)

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#127 The Compassion Team

A linkshow. James and Per discuss three articles that have grabbed their attention. The first article is Users always choose the path of least resistance by Paul Boag. Paul says that users will always take the easy option so to maintain a competitive advantage, we need to focus on simplicity. The second article is Transitions […]

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#79 James & Per & Alissa get unbundled

With Facebook moving messaging to a separate app, unbundling has really hit the big time. What is app unbundling? Should you be adopting it as a strategy for your app/product? Piece of cake to pull off or hideous nightmare? We are joined by Alissa Briggs, Senior UX Manager at Intuit, to talk our way through the […]

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#68 James & Per ask: money or meaning?

Are you in it for the money or in it for the UX? James and Per reflect on Facebook’s $19bn purchase of Whatsapp, the history and future of messaging and personal correspondence as well as how the start-up ideology you adopt can affect your approach to UX. (Listening time: 38 minutes) Episode 68: @axbom & […]

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Netflix on a tablet

Episode 35: James and Per share profiles

Many people and families share login details and profiles for various digital services. Why are so many of these services failing from a UX perspective in such common user scenarios? Netflix, Spotify, Facebook, even the iPad itself all suffer from these problems. In Episode 35 James and Per dive into the topic, discuss some examples […]

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Episode 30: James and Per detect their Mini

A linkshow – In episode 30 of UXPodcast James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom have a discussion based around two recent articles that they’ve found during their digital travels. This show’s topics are (roughly)… Detecting the iPad Mini Practical issues with cloud services (Listening time: 30 minutes) References: Mission: Impossible – iPad mini detection for HTML5 […]

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Episode 20: Per and James get beeped

A linkshow – In episode 20 of UXPodcast James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom discuss three recent articles that they’ve found during their digital travels, discuss them and swear a little. This episode’s topics are… Social media marketing – Barclay’s Facebook Debacle The agency model – It’s f*cked Visual marketing – adding images to your content […]

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Episode 2: Offline meets online – Love me, like me, install me (Part 1 of 3)

This month’s episode of UXPodcast with James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom talks about when offline meets online – stories and examples highlighting how attempts at connecting the two often fail as well as suggestions as to how to improve your chances of succeeding. In part one James and Per talk you through a number of […]

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