user offboarding

#154 Closure experiences with Joe Macleod

We talk Closure experiences with Joe Macleod. The lack of endings was something that Joe kept noticing again and again. There are so many examples in the digital space where there wasn’t an end, or there was an expectation of controlled or ability to end – but the possibility of closure just doesn’t exist. The fabric of the internet is build to enable it to survive; to be eternal, yet endings – and death – are natural.

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#124 Listener phone-in (Part 2)

James, Per and Danwei open the video channels for the 6th UX Podcast Listener phone-in. We’ve pulled out the highlights from the live session and made them into 2 separate episodes.

The topics covered in part 2 of this two-part episode are: The battery status API – how can we make use of that in UX? User off-boarding – how do we let users go gently? Prototyping tools – which tool is best?

Our guests in part 2 of this two-part phone-in are former Dirt Show host Tim Wright and cognitive science student Johan Axel.

Part 1 can be found here.

(Listening time: 36 minutes)