Show notes

This podcast is episode 1 of 6 recorded at Ambition Empower Spring 2022

Joe’s first book “Ends”, back in 2017 was focused on why we don’t do endings, and how that links into consumerism. Joe’s second book, “Endineering” is about how to actively design endings, a ‘how-to’ book for improving how products, services and consumer relationships end. 

We talk about off-boarding, life-cycles, the importance of thinking about the end at the very beginning. We look at the various phases of endings as well as the 8 different types of ending Joe describes in his book.

“Then you recognise that endings exist, you recognise and start observing them in your own product. And then using the systems and tools start thinking about – Okay, how would we start to build an ending – a better ending – for this product.”  

(Listening time: 39 minutes, transcript)


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