Show notes

This podcast is episode 9 of 9 recorded at Interact London 2015

The second of our two shows featuring interviews from Interact London 2015. We talk to Jim Kalbach, Vanessa Kirby, Craig Sullivan and Sofia Hussain.

Jim Kalbach discusses visualising value. “Value centred design” where we begin with customer needs and create shared value.

Vanessa Kirby, head of UX at Argos talks to us about who you need in your team. Do we need UX unicorns?

Craig Sullivan, optimiser of all things digital, talks to us about bullshit, broken data, and how we really have to stop guessing. We also introduce you to “Little Craig”.

Our 4th interview is with Sofia Hussain, designer at FINN, about “ecosystem thinking”. Transform products so that they encompass a wider spectrum of points across a users journey.

We finish the show by taking a moment to reflect back on the conference together with delegates Sophie Exintaris and Maurice Roach.

(Listening time: 53 minutes)