Show notes

James, Per and Danwei open the video channels for the 7th UX Podcast Listener phone-in. On a warm Friday afternoon in June we took questions and calls from listeners. We’ve extracted some highlights from the 2-hour live session and condensed them into this regular 30 minute episode.

The topics covered in this listener phone-in were: Guerrilla research, ridiculous services you wish didn’t exist, and finding work.

In the full phone-in available on YouTube and Soundcloud we also talk about education, UX process and the perceived glamour of start-ups, brushing up on your skills between projects, and researching access needs.

Our guests in this episode were Simon Kemp, Laci White and Adam Bruzon.

Thanks also to Gabe Medina and James Buller for calling in. Thanks in addition to Vijay Bhaskar for asking questions in the chat channel.

(Listening time: 29 minutes)