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Mass democratisation and access to AB test tooling has meant that hundreds of millions of experiments have been run on people, via digital products and services.  Although we are not running pharmaceutical trials and tests, these experiments still raise numerous ethical issues that are shared with research or experiments in a medical scenarios. 

Craig Sullivan joins us to explore the topic. Craig has been experimenting and optimising websites and digital services for decades and has been regular guest on UXPodcast since the start.

We discuss what, if anything, has changed in the decade since Craig first joined us on UXPodcast. We talk about the explosion of mass experimentation and the impacts of the changes we make, the tests we run, and the problem of not testing at all. We talk about the problems of North-star metrics, and the need for ethical training and the processes organisations (and individuals) need to adopt to reduce the ethical gap.

(Listening time: 39 minutes, transcript)



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