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“Let’s find out what’s best practice and just run with that”. That’s something many of us will recognise and have experienced. But what actually is best practice? Is it something we should follow? And can we?

Rich Brophy joins us to talk about best practice and to offer some advice about what might be even better than best practice.

“Best practices [are] like that looming shadow in Independence Day, how the ship blocks out the sun, and there’s all these people sitting there doing their work working really hard. And we come in from above with this huge thing that we think that is going to embed best practice on the organisation. They’ve got no idea what it is, how it works, even why they should care. And I think that this mindset of embedding best practice, which I think is a great term that sums up everything that’s wrong. Just needs to change.”  

(Listening time: 34 minutes, transcript)


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