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This podcast is episode 5 of 5 recorded at Ambition Empower Autumn 2022

What is systems thinking and how can designers make use of it in their work? In her book Closing the loop, Sheryl Cababa lays out her answer and approach to this question. We talk to her and discuss some of the core definitions and concepts. 

We talk about the difference between soft and hard systems, and even how design systems can be get muddled with system thinking. We look at three concepts of system thinking, how bounding is important,  and stakeholder inclusion – as well as engaging in analysis and mapping in order to reduce, and avoid negative consequences.

“ thinking helps unearth, so that in many ways, we don’t waste time and effort and money, in doing duplicative things – as well as thinking about creative solutions that might not might not have occurred to us before..”  

(Listening time: 51 minutes, transcript)


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