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Jesper Åström joined us in Episode 39 for a chat at Clarion Sign Hotel in Stockholm. Jesper is is currently writing a series of 100 guest blog posts in 100 days. A crazy challenge. One of the posts so far was about “workers, commentators and spectators” where Jesper outlined the 1-9-90 method and gave some examples. We discuss the method aswell as the use of data and “dark patterns”  in increasing engagement and acheiving results. Plus a bit about Jesper’s background during 15 years in the business.

(Listening time:  38 minutes)


2 comments on #39 James & Per and the 1%

  1. Jonas says:

    I found this conversation with Jesper really interesting.
    //dedicated listener Linköping

  2. UX Podcast says:

    Thanks for the comment Jonas! Always great to hear from listeners, even better to know you found it interesting! /James

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