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After over 6 years, UX Podcast is re-branding. Updating or changing your brand doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it impacts everything, including the user experience – but that impact is, in our experience, often overlooked or underplayed. We talk to Jon Bergsman, founder of WDW Creative who have been working with us and our new brand, about the branding process and it’s similarity to the UX design process.

We talk about the importance of branding for corporate culture and how branding has  changed during the past ten years – or hasn’t. “Good design is good design” says Jon but at the same time, design is never done. How much effort should we put into listening to feedback after a branding change and tweak your branding over time?

Towards the end of the show we give you a taste of our new look and finish with a first listen to our new theme music, created by Gabe Medina.

(Listening time: 40 minutes)






2 comments on #172 Re-branding with Jon Bergsman

  1. Martijn says:

    I like the new logo, well done! 🙂 The episode was a bit boring though.

  2. Amy says:

    The updated theme song is super cool! Along with the new logo, the rebranding is very refreshing, and very UX podcast. Nice one 👍

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