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This podcast is episode 1 of 6 recorded at UXLx 2023

S02E04 (#314). Sci-fi and AI. Over a decade on from our first chat with Chris and Nathan, after the publishing of their book Make It So – Interaction Design Lessons from Science Fiction, Per and James found themselves with the opportunity at UXLx to talk to Chris and Nathan again. Our conversation starts with AI in the context of Sci-fi interfaces, then progresses into a discussion of AI more generally.

Inteligent machines, is AI sentient, designing for animals – are just some of the topics covered in our conversation. We also discuss the impact of AI on designers; will AI replace us all?

“[AI is] moving faster than anyone can keep up with, let alone sort of conceive of the boundaries. But the first answer I have to my designers, is experiment.. use these things. The worst thing I think a designer can do is what a lot of designers did, at the dawn of desktop publishing, which is: No, I will not, like that’s not typography. I can’t control typography, I can’t control colour. I will stick with print.” 

– Nathan Shedroff

Chris would also like to add that his loose working definition of AI that is technology with four parts (not three as said in the podcast)

  1. Fancy algorithms
  2. Working with complex models
  3. Built from vast data
  4. Very often (but not always) in the context of machine learning

(Listening time: 53 minutes, transcript)


This conversation was recorded at UXLx 2023.

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