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This podcast is episode 4 of 6 recorded at UXLx 2023

S02E13 (#323).  We are in the age of design-driven change. Maria Giudice joins us to talk about being changemakers – How we can design change in a complex world. We start by looking at the history of change management and how we are now firmly in the age of design-driven change and that requires change leadership.

We look at change making and understanding different types of people’s reactions and how to engage those who have different attitudes towards change. All of this in the context of organisations where leadership buy-in and cultural readiness are crucial for success

“As long as the human race has existed, we’ve adapted as human beings. We’ve tried and failed and adapted. All of that is change. It’s fundamental to who we are.”

– Maria Giudice

(Listening time: 42 minutes)


This conversation was recorded at UXLx 2023.

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