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This podcast is episode 5 of 6 recorded at UXLx 2023

S02E14 (#324). A slightly different episode to usual. Eva-Lotta Lamm joins us to hold a visual thinking sketching workshop – Eva-Lotta, James and Per have fun going through three sketching exercises set by Eva-Lotta that can help you with your creativity, team-building, visual thinking and much more.

Grab some pens, and perhaps even a couple of colleagues and join in as we work through the exercises. Eva-Lotta gets us drawing Squiggle Birds, puts us through “pass it on” sketching – and then a “describe and draw” exercise.

“Who’s this person? What happens afterwards? Does he get a new coat? Or is he gonna throw him into the water? Or is he gonna strangle him?”

– Eva-Lotta Lamm

(Listening time: 58 minutes, transcript)


This conversation was inspired by FBTB 2023 and recorded at UXLx 2023.

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