Show notes

200 Episodes! Almost 5 days of podcast content recorded over 7 and a half years. To celebrate this milestone, Lisa Welchman and Anna Dahlström host this special episode of UX Podcast. Their guests in Episode 200 are podcasters, designers and web geeks James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom.

Lisa and Anna talk to James and Per about the history of the podcast, what impact it has had on their work and on them as individuals. As well as picking some important interviews from the show’s history we talk about the future of digital design and reveal a little bit of a change to UX Podcast during 2019.

The show also features some bonus material from Alissa Briggs, Chris Noessel, Donna Lichaw, Jaime Levy, Jared Spool, Louis Rosenfeld, Melissa Perri, Steve Portigal, Whitney Hess, and Tom Greever.

(Listening time: 50 minutes)