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This podcast is episode 3 of 6 recorded at UXLx 2023

S02E12 (#322).  Asking the right question and wanting to get a good response. How do we handle that as researchers? Meena Kothandaraman joins us to talk about our curiosity as researchers, the different lenses of inquiry we can apply from exploratory to validation. We talk as well about being curious and the skill of getting people to articulate their thoughts and describe something in depth.

“Our job as researchers is not to just say, ‘I have a question that I want to ask you and you have to answer it’, we have to shepherd the team through a moment of reflection, where they really think deeply about something, they think deeply about a story, how somebody describes that space, how we pulled together everybody’s data, to then create structures to describe that space.”

– Meena Kothandaraman

(Listening time: 33 minutes, transcript)


This conversation was recorded at UXLx 2023.

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