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This podcast is episode 6 of 6 recorded at UXLx 2023

S02E16 (#326). Nathan Shedroff, author of A Whole New Strategy, talks to us about how we as designers can have strategic impact. Through an expanded understanding of the context you are working within, and building both situational and operational awareness, we can bridge the gap between design and business.

We look at how some of the “special skills” we have as designers put us in a position to help drive conversations about the strategic, societal and environmental impact of our work.

“Everything about context, everything about markets, including customers, and competitors, etc. It’s all about situational awareness, what’s the situation we’re in so that we can understand how to act? And then operational awareness is all about, like, how do things work? How prepared are we? What do we need to be successful to operate?”

– Nathan Shedroff

(Listening time: 33 minutes, transcript)


This conversation was recorded at UXLx 2023.

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